The international theatre company La Cavalcade en Scène is based in Switzerland, in the Théâtre du Concert, and in Milan, but was created in 2015 from the synergy of students of the International Theatre School LASSAAD in Brussels (based on the Lecoq method) and is regularly active in Milan's theatre Teatro Linguaggicreativi.
Our theatre is for all ages and social backgrounds, offering different levels of interpretation. We want to explore and share the reflexions and preoccupations of our generations of young adults : quest of freedom and discovery of one's self, human links, couple and family, working world, dreams and constraints in the 21st century... We seek to ellicit emotions and awake intuition through movement, with or without words. The work is thus visually and technically demanding, requiring precision of gesture and movement.
Statutes (in French)
Collaboration at directing