Marialice Tagliavini (1988)

For Marialice it was love at first sight when she came into contact with the theatre world at the age of twelve. She decided to turn her passion into a career and started her theatrical education in the Alessandra Galante Garrone theatre school, in Bologne. The wish to deepen her knowledge of physical theatre, pushed her to attend the International Theatre School LASSAAD, in Brussels.

Along her way, she met and was immediately fascinated by, masks which she decided to use as a creation tool and an inspiration for the theatre. In 2013, she and some friends from the Alessandra Galante Garrone theatre school created “Café déjà vu”, a street show which they have performed throughout Europe.

In October 2015, Marialice landed in the Linguaggicreativi theatre in Milan, where she still works as actress and teacher.
Finally, in 2016, she jumped onto the train of the Cavalcade en Scène to play in the show GOOSE and to experiment and mix different theatre styles.