Léo Vuille (1991)
Léo discovers theater when he's a child, taking part to the workshop "Ateliers pour Enfants et Adolescents" by Théâtre Rumeur (today, "l'Étoffe des Rêves"). He finds a passion that he wants to nurish by pursuing his studies in the Centre Culturel Neuchâtelois, before he decides to apply to a professional course. So he goes to Brussels where he studies at the Ecole Internationale de Théâtre LASSAAD.

After his studies, he becomes part of different theater companies in Brussels, such as La Cour des Possibles and the Compagnie Ausartung. Fascinated by the role of body consciousness and movement in an actor's work, he decides to study further the link between body and psyche by studying "psychomotricity" in Geneva. In 2018, his Bachelor in the pocket, he comes back to Neuchâtel, willing to associate theatrical and therapeutical approaches of the body.

In 2019, he takes part to the creation "Matières d'Espaces" with the Théâtre de la Poudrière and he joins La Cavalcade en Scène, looking forward to dive into a new artistic adventure.