GOOSE was already played in Italy (Rom, Milan and Asti), in Switzerland (Neuchâtel) and in Belgium (Ath and Bruxelles). And it's not finished!
Come and (re)discover your favourite characters:
Buskers Festival, Neuchâtel, August 16 to 18
Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Zurich, August 21 to 23 août, Zentralbühne
See you very soon!

Yuhuu! GOOSE comes out in 15 days at the Theatre Linguaggicreativi in Milano. We're waiting for you on March 2 and 3 at 20.30 and on March 4 at 19.00. Reservations : / 02 39 54 36 99.

A roof for the Cavalcade !
We are so happy : the company is now part of the Théâtre du Concert, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. After a few rehearsals there, it feels like home already. Thank you to the team of the theatre and the other companies for welcoming us!

Crowdfunding campaign : We Made It !
A huge THANK YOU to all those who supported GOOSE by participating to our crowdfunding campaign ! Thanks to you, our masks will soon come to life !
We can't wait to show you the fruit of your support, on 2, 3, 4 of March 2018 in Milan and on 4, 5, 6 of May 2018 in Neuchâtel.

Crowdfunding campaign: ready, set go !
Working on the complete version of GOOSE, we need your support !
30 days to find 5000 euros : Will we make it to the last step of the game ?

Discover the video of our campaign, participate and spread the word!

Some impressions from Buskers
Thank you all for coming, we had a great time this summer in Neuchâtel, and also in Milan and Rome! We can’t wait to meet you again for the full version of GOOSE, in March and May 2018!

Goose at Roma Fringe Festival, in Rome !

We look forward to seeing you with GOOSE at Roma Fringe Festival, in Rome ! (short version, 20’)
2017, September 13 and 15, 9pm stage C – September 14, 9pm stage B
Villa Mercede, Via Tiburtina 113 – 115, Rome

Goose at the Buskers Festival in Neuchâtel!

Come and discover GOOSE at the Buskers Festival, in Neuchâtel ! (short version, 20')
2017, August 11 and 12, Place du Grand Mazel (rue de Seyon 8).

La Cavalcade at... work!

Working on a new show for 2018: GOOSE !


La Cavalcade on... the small-screen!

CanalAlpha's documentary about EX AEQUO , 2016, October 19.


Ex Aequo

2016, October 21, 22, 23

Théâtre de la Poudrière, Neuchâtel.