Allegro, ma non troppo

« Allegro, ma non troppo » was conceived as a classical concert played by two eccentric musicians. Jeanne Fritzmann, a flute player, and her assistant Tony Pizzicato on the triangle, play a sonata by G. P. Telemann, spotted with erudite music theories instilled by Jeanne. These virtuosities soon become obscure for mere mortals. Even Tony frowns as he can’t really get it, no matter how hard he tries.

The two characters are hilarious and moving, both for their naive spirit and their effort in facing ordinary situations. The audience – adults and kids – is amused and touched by these two clowns, because they’re so human…

Conceived in 2015, « Allegro, ma non troppo » has played in Bruxelles (BE), Neuchâtel and Lucerne (CH). Actors can play in French, German or Italian.

20 minutes  
Directing and acting: Alessandro Carrocci, Elise Perrin
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