Alter Ego

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2019, August 24 - Zeupr Fest, La Prise-Imer, Rochefort (CH)
2019, September 20, 21, 22 - Théâtre du Concert, Neuchâtel (CH) - during Patchwork #1
Jeanne is a creature living quietly in an dusty travel trunk, an old microcosm of moss and peeling paint. But all good things must come to an end, and suddenly comes the time to go out - at least, this is what a mysterious voice is asking to Jeanne with growing insistence. Shyly, the creature starts to looks around... Quirky character to which children and adults can identify, Jeanne will do her best in her discovery of the "big world", questionning us about our efforts to fit to norms, and about what society asks from a little girl when she becomes a woman.
Text and acting : Elise Perrin
External eyes : Léo Vuille, Nadège Guenot
Sound technique : Léo Vuille, Damian Rognon
Duration : 30 minutes

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