This is the true story of Annie "Londonderry" Kopchovsky, young jewish woman with lettons origins, who, in the end of 19th century, made a bet and left Boston and her family to bike around the world in fifteen months.

2019, March 16-17 - Teatro Linguaggicreativi, Milan (IT)
2019, May 10-12 - Théâtre du Concert, Neuchâtel (CH)


Annie was only 23 and never biked before, but she won her bet and became a symbol of woman's independance. But is this the whole truth? No, it's only one side of the coin. So what's the other ? The other side of the coin is that Annie was also a scoundrel looking for money and fame, who invented herself multiple identities to manipulate journalists and relatives. Who was she really? How did she deal with life on the roads, with her fame, her lies, her different identities? How did her trip transform her, physically and psychically? With this work, we want to explore the multiple faces of this fascinating woman, who signed "Annie Londonderry, globe-trotter" in the hostels she visited.

In the line of the company, active in Switzerland and Italy, the text will be written in French and Italian and carried on stage by an actress, a bicycle and two megaphones.

Acting : Marialice Tagliavini
External eyes : Mario Scandale and Elise Perrin
Choregraphy : Franco Reffo
Sound design : Nathan Jucker
Scenography : Elisabetta Carosio