Ex Aequo

An encounter between two women who couldn’t be more different.
Carmen is a newsagent who lives in her newspaper stand. She hangs the washing while nibbling something, minding her own business…
Then one day, the quick, athletic Jessie bursts into Carmen’s newspaper stand tapping her high heels. Their words clash and their certainties sway. By becoming best enemies, they’ll learn how to face fears and free themselves from an exhausting routine.

A silent play for any audience (55’)
Dossier (in French)



Acting and original idea: Soraya Lema Carballo, Elise Perrin

Direction: Hernan Gene

Composition and live music: Jérôme Jeanrenaud

Dramaturgy: Jérôme van Grunderbeeck, Fabrice Bessire

Scenery: David Eichenberger

Light and sound: Lucas Voisard

And thank you to: Samoa Schor, Ilona Siwek, Léo Vuille