Patchwork #1

With :
Nathan Jucker - Le Bar
Elise Perrin - Alter Ego
Ladislaja Pietrangeli - Optika!
Léo Vuille - Monsieur Déloyal
Matthias Mermod - Lights

Past shows
2019, September 20, 21, 22 - Théâtre du Concert, Neuchâtel (CH)

This Patchwork #1 might be bizarre, hilarious or absurd. Risky? Maybe. Disturbing? Why not.
Some say there would be a travel trunk on stage, others speak of handmade accessories and the craziest dream of performances in all the corners of the theater. You could bet that Nathan Jucker's solo will be thought especially for this theater, whereas Elise Perrin's would be born in a yurt. Some rumors even suggest that Ladislaja Pietrangeli's shows would be made for one only viewer at a time... but to be honest, this is just hearsay, and the mystery is still complete.
The atmospheres of the Théâtre du Concert inspiring four artists of the company, who happily throw themselves in a PATCHWORK of solo performances.

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